Focus on Funds from DIY Investor

The first issue of Focus on Funs from DIY Investor is now available to read on thier website. Covering everythign from 'How to read a KIDD' to a 'Guide for Fund Pricing' it's another great resource from DIY Investor.

In this issue:

  • No Trivial Pursuit: Active investment management
  • Alternatives in uncertain times
  • How to select a fund
  • The case for gold and silver
  • Big changes in healthcare
  • Multi asset for income
  • Investing in REITS
  • Prize UK dividends
  • Multi asset selection
  • How to select a fund
  • Banking on diversification
  • Guide to fund pricing
  • How to read a KIID
  • Mutual funds 101
  • How to read a factsheet
  • Notes from the road
  • Trading funds with chart

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