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Average UK Salary 2017

It's something we have all wondered about or even googled some point in our adult life - what is the average salary and how your salary compares to it and other people in the UK.

Well in 2017 the Average UK salary: £27,271

Before you start celebrating/consoling yourself, this data was taken by the Office For National Statistics from 21,563,000 people's earnings, with averages broken down for each profession. Topping the charts were brokers, who earned £133,677 on average, followed by chief executives and senior officials (£107,703), aircraft pilots and flight engineers (£90,146) and marketing and sales directors (£82,962). At the other end of the scale are retail assistants (£10,296), hairdressers and barbers (£10,019), cleaners (£7,919), waitresses (£7,554) and bar staff (£7,404).

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